Monday, August 20, 2012

Manic Monday

Back to the grind! The weekend is over and I am still in denial that it's Monday.  Mornings like these require the least amount of fuss when trying to look presentable to the world, so in honor of hitting the snooze button and burying my head in the pillow for a few more minutes I decided to honor my big haute bedhead superstars! These ladies make rolling out of the sheets and onto the streets look chic. Their tangled tresses, rumpled clothes and the glimmer of crazy in their khol-rimmed eyes make me feel better about not running a brush through my hair and doing a mad grab for anything that resembled clothing before I left the house today.

Kate can't be tamed, and neither can her hair

Ultimate manic monday move- passing off your nighty as daywear

Her topper is the perfect way to disguise an unruly hair swirl

I'm tired, step off

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