Thursday, December 20, 2012

Shine Bright Like A Diamond

Pardon the interruption… and by interruption I mean the two-month time lapse since my last post. During my brief hiatus/extended vacation from the blogosphere I managed to acquire one of the most significant finger accessories of one’s life, a circular sparkler of eternal love! In what seemed like a complete whirlwind and flurry of excitement I celebrated my birthday, accepted a proposal from the love of my life and feted our engagement with our closest family and friends. My parents threw us an awesome party where we all tried to act fancy and distinguished but by the end our wild-child ways got the best of us and we were asked to leave after a calamitous spillage of toothpicks and the over-zealous handling of a light-up novelty menorah. 

I wore an ivory silk one-shoulder dress by Zimmerman that I ordered from Shopbop a week before the party that draped fabulously and fit like a glove. It seemed like the dress of my dreams, but quickly turned into a sartorial nightmare when I had my mom zip me into it at 10pm the night before the party. In an ironic twist of fate I was watching a scene from my favorite guilty pleasure, White Chicks, where the Wayans brothers (posing as white women) bust open the seams of their outfits when almost simultaneously the zipper of my dress broke. To say I threw a BF is an understatement, but my mom’s a rockstar, and sadly very used to my fashion-related meltdowns, so she sprang to action and had that devil zipper replaced first thing in the morning. 

Calf hair and gold spikes are the stuff dreams are made of- and coincidentally the stuff Zara heels are made of as well. It seemed fitting that my shoes were from Zara; behind Ryan, Zara is my second great love. The heels are literally the most amazing pair of pumps I currently own because although they could seriously injure someone should I decide to karate kick them, they are surprisingly comfortable on my tootsies, a true mash-up of form and function.  Check out some of my favorite pics from the event shot by my future husband.