Sunday, August 19, 2012

Big Hair in the Big Apple

Stomping it out on the mean streets of NYC

En route to the Warwick as the traveling shoe model for Arthur Beren Shoes

Sadly, I didn't see Donald and his legendary hair
On my recent trip to NYC for the Fashion Footwear Association of New York Spring 2013 Convention I learned the harsh lesson that big hair and humidity don't mix. New York in the summer means flat limp hair, but not even a bad hair week could dampen my spirits because FFANY rocked my world. This was a  trip dedicated to my favorite accessory, shoes, and it fulfilled all of my wildest shoe fantasies: I met Stuart Weitzman, I modeled amazing footwear and I contributed  to the Arthur Beren Shoes Spring 2013 picks. Basically I died and went to heaven.

Oh hey Stuart...NBD

Trying to act casual but secretly thinking OMG shoes!

Let's get some shoes

These shoes are $300...LET"S GET EM

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  1. why are you so funny ANNNDDD haute? It's not fair