Friday, August 17, 2012

Casual Friday Conundrum

Of all of life's great mysteries, none is more confusing than what to wear on casual Friday? How casual is too casual? Are these five inch Jeffrey Campbell snakeskin platforms office appropriate? Are jeggings socially acceptable as legitimate pants? This morning, like every successive Friday morning for the last year of my life, I stood in my closet paralyzed by the task of choosing my casual Friday garb. The irony of the situation is that my closet is stuffed to the brim with off-duty attire and sparse on work specific ensembles, so in theory this really shouldn’t be that difficult. I gravitated towards my favorite new Zara sweater, but it’s a bit of a sartorial mullet- business in the front, party in the back.

I am in desperate, dire need of the length in the back due to the fact that I had a mad late night craving for Annie’s shells and cheese and am really putting the seams of my dark denim jeggings to the ultimate stress test. I'm still haunted by that bunny on the box and his judging eyes.

damn you Annie and your magical crack and cheese

This hi/low knit would normally be a demure pick for me, the chest is COMPLETELY covered, but I’m not sure that this much exposed skin on the flip side is suitable for the business world. My hair, which has now morphed into a full blown hair blanket as a result of not getting cut in the last 3 months, covers most of said sexiness but I'm not taking any risks today.  My level of appropriateness in the office has been sub-par lately; yesterday I wore a chiffon shirt with a black bra underneath, enough said.

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