Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Big Haute Boyfriend Jeans

The funny thing about boyfriend jeans is that boyfriends, in general, do not like them. They are big, baggy and although they may be haute they aren't hot in the traditional sense. 

Boyfriend Jeans: Zara
Leather Jacket: Vintage
Tank Top: Brandy Melville
Clutch: Louis Vuitton
Shoes: Forever 21

The second I put my new Zara selvage denim boyfriend jeans on my actual boyfriend grumbled, "Awwww, where'd your butt go?".  These jeans are a woman's fantasy, they make butts disappear, and for that exact reason they are every man's nightmare. I absolutely love mine and am literally obsessed with riding 'em high and cinching them with a belt. I wore them out on Saturday for date night with my boo and although he wanted to send a search party out for my ass, he eventually warmed up to them and loved the fact that, thanks to my androgynous denim, my derriere was now a highly concealed secret only he knew the contours of. I paired my new loves with a black tank, my black leather jacket, and a chunky pair of 70's style wedges.

We chose Luella for dinner where we had amazing wine, deep conversations about Tom Hanks and after a few drinks I actually convinced Ryan that Wilson the volleyball had won best supporting actor for Castaway. I wanted to be a complete wino and subsist on my Cabernet Sauvignon for dinner, but man cannot live on wine alone and I  ended up pigging out on everything because their food is so bomb. My boyfriend jeans allowed me to indulge in some tasty eats (ricotta filled donuts with lavender honey!) without instantly popping the button off my pants and feeling stylish all the while, win-win.


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    1. Thank you!! You're blog is great :) Thanks for the love!!