Thursday, September 20, 2012

When Two Become One

Being a tiny person my whole life, I have always adhered to the adage that good things come in small packages, most likely as a coping mechanism to feel better about the fact that I never grew much past the sixth grade. So, I have decided to condense my admittedly overzealous attempt at styling one striped bodysuit five ways over the course of a single work week, into a shorter and sweeter version of my original plan. I've merged part three and four of my leotard series into one succinct reader friendly summary. I swear I'm not alone in my black and white stripe mania; Marc Jacobs, Oscar de la Renta and J. Crew all featured lined looks on their spring runways. See above (photos courtesy of Harper's Bazaar)

 For me, the American Apparel bodysuit conjures thoughts of Brigitte Bardot in her breton stripes, denim and perfectly rumpled hair, so my twofer of a post is dedicated to that effortless french girl je ne sais quoi. I've paired the striped wonder with my boyfriend jeans for a more casual take on the trend and a chiffon skirt in an attempt to channel the uncomplicated style of french fashionistas. These looks were really fun to shoot even though I fell down the stairs before we started, got run over by the dog midway through and sank three inches into the grass with my heels at the very end. When you are wearing a striped bodysuit the little things just roll right off your bare back.The chiffon skirt is also AA, completely transparent and appeals to my French heritage and strange love of awkward public semi-nudity. I normally stick with sheer shirts but when I saw this skirt I couldn’t resist the chance to appear as if I was wearing something on my lower half when in reality there’s nothing but a thin haze between me and the world. If I were to sport this look out I would wear some sort of bloomers or tights because my leotard has the high cut leg of a Baywatch bathing suit and may garner more disapproving glances than I can handle. The bodysuit/boyfriend jeans pairing is the most wearable ensemble of the bunch. I love how non-existent they make my butt look, something about droopy drawers is so wildly unappealing to men that this is a great look to wear out if you are wanting to deflect any and all male attention. I wore this exact outfit to a floozy Friday night dinner with all my best girlfriends last week and Ryan more than approved of my choice in legwear for the evening- he is a sly one! Tomorrow will be my final post in what was once known as “1 Leotard 5 Ways” but has now become the chronicles of ridic. So much leotard, so little time.

(photos courtesy of Ryan Beren)

bodysuit, chiffon skirt, watch: American Apparel
mary jane wedges: Urban Outfitters
boyfriend jeans, basic heels: Zara
sunglasses: Ray Ban


  1. I see that you, like I, appreciate the recent pants-less fad. Unfortunately, I'm a chunk taller and with "sprinter legs", so what makes you look waifish and current makes me look vulgar and quite a bit more like oozey Catherine Deneuve.

    So I'm doing it tonight.

    Love your photos, as always.


    1. I bet you look amazing, "sprinters" always have the best legs and so rock that see through skirt! Thanks again for all the love :)

  2. You look sexy in this AA bodysuit!

    1. thank you!! AA bodysuits can't help but ooze sex appeal, they are completely backless, glad you like it!