Monday, September 17, 2012

1 Leotard 5 ways

  As promised, this week I will be giving you my interpretation of some of the trends seen at New York Fashion Week in an attempt to fully accept and move forward from my five stages of Fashion Week grief.  Today will be the first in a series chronicling one rad leotard worn five different ways. The inspiration for this styling set came from the Michael Kors Spring 2013 show where he featured a striped bodysuit that instantly caught my eye. I have an unhealthy obsession with horizontal stripes and bodysuits, both ultra unforgiving in form and function, so naturally, being the fashion masochist that I am; I had to cop this look.  

The striped bodysuit is from American Apparel and is surprisingly wearable for an adult leotard. When I first slipped on my new onesie I channeled my inner Gabby Douglas and had the slight urge to perform a standing back handspring back tuck. The urge was fleeting, and thoughts of gold medals were replaced with contemplations of all the ways one bodysuit will enrich my fall wardrobe.

For the first installment of “1 Leotard 5 Ways” I have kept to the Michael Kors runway look and paired my bodysuit with a black circle skirt, also from American Apparel.  Micheal Kors leans a little more toward the all American preppy aesthetic than I do, so I chose some killer heels to dirty up the ensemble a bit. The addition of my new Ugg leather booties (yes Ugg don’t judge, these are not the Ugg of yesteryear,  they are super cute and are lined with shearling to keep my tootsies warm while giving me a four inch lift) make the outfit wearable for day or night and can be rocked with black tights when the weather gets chilly. Stay tuned, more looks to come…

Photos courtesy of Ryan Beren
Striped Bodysuit: American Apparel
Circle Skirt: American Apparel
Booties: Ugg Australia
Sunglasses: Ray Ban