Thursday, October 11, 2012

Zany for ZARA

Zany for ZARA

I truly believe ZARA and I were made for one another. It could be reasoned that in some sort of serendipitous trifecta ZARA is a shortened version of the name of the main character (Zarathustra) in my favorite book (Thus Spoke Zarathustra) by my favorite philosopher (Nietzsche). No, this post is not about my main man Nietzsche, I was just drawing some pretty deep connections between my love for crazy philosophers and my favorite store in the entire world- ZARA. But, to make an even more mind-blowing link between Zarathustra and ZARA, I do get feelings akin to the Overman every time I step through those shiny doors. All sense of social decency leaves my body and I convert to a nihilistic set of moral values (bad and good no longer have meaning, only the overcoming of all other shoppers) when I see the new merchandise on full display every Thursday evening. I grab whatever I can get my little paws on and hold on for dear life because people go nuts for this stuff, well I assume they do because of my frenzied state so I protect my goods accordingly. I have no qualms about throwing an elbow here or there to snag a chanel-esque coat on sale, and I fully hog the mirrors while trying on all items that don't require me to get nude while previewing. Semi-nude is fine, especially if your bra is more of a bustier-that's basically a shirt.

Everything is amazing, everything is maje and it's sometimes overwhelming how many things I see and absolutely have to have. The fit is always perfectly body skimming and never too tight, most things are backless and I die for anything that lets my posterier feel free. I've usually amassed so many items by the time I make my first pass around the store that my arm starts to ache, I've actually had a sore bicep from some intense ZARA shopping sprees. But, just one lap around the building is not enough, because once I've filtered through the yes's and the no's of the first mad grab, I have honed my skills and can hunt down the secret gems that I may have missed. It's a very cathartic experience, you should try it sometime, but look out for a crazy-eyed blond girl if you dare venture to the Post street location. God I love Thursdays.


  1. i need/want/have to have that clutch. been looking at it online for days.