Monday, October 8, 2012

Leotard and Leathers

 Here is the last installment of my five part ode to my strange obsession with a certain striped bodysuit. My final leotard liaison is by far my favorite of the bunch, I know I’ve said that about each outfit thus far but this one really takes the cake in my eyes. By this point I’ve become so bonded with my bodysuit it’s become like a second skin to me, and what better to go with a proverbial second skin than an ACTUAL second skin: leathers. Just uttering the word “leathers” makes me feel like an instant bad ass. Technically speaking these Zara “leathers” are not real, they are faux, but still get me pretty darn excited because to add to the whole biker chic feel they’ve got zippers on zippers. The greatest part about them is that unlike other leather pants, they do not squeeze or make you resemble a stuffed sausage, they are actually comfortable and a little loose in the waist/crotch area, a very welcome change from my Topshop leather leggings that leave little to the imagination in that region which can be quite scary.

The day we shot this look I got super courageous and wanted to be a jungle girl who climbs trees and scales moss covered rocks  in five inch stilettos, it was all fun and games until I had to come out of the tree and I jumped onto Ry’s unsuspecting toes. Said toe-annihilators are my new Zara pumps that are so high I feel like I’m on stilts. They are knock-off Manholo Blaniks and although my dogs bark every time I wear them, I love them with all of my heart. Oddly enough (or not) my preferred pics from the day are in front of the phallus statue that stands proudly in Ryan’s parents’ yard. That thing is inspiring to say the least. I don’t know if it was the suggestive nature of the statue or the heat from the blaring sun but my big hair was too much to handle and it had to be wrangled into a messy bun towards the end of the day.


  1. The name of the bronze statue is "Hymn". (It is obviously NOT a "Her".) The artist is Ann Weber. Check out her work at

    You're gonna ruin your feet in those things, Little Lady!

  2. where is that striped leo from?

    i need it.