Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Maiden Lane

I look melancholy on Maiden Lane, but looks can be deceiving. I'm actually quite spritely because 1) It's almost time to "fall back" and who doesn't love an extra hour of sleep? 2) The weather has changed and I get to layer all of my favorite Zara pieces with reckless abandon (sweater, parka, purse and coated skinnies all courtesy of Zara) and 3) A pair of brown "leather" boots I scored at Forever 21 last fall have morphed into a miraculously timeless wardrobe staple! I was feeling extra giddy in these pics because I had just spent a solid hour gossiping with my mane man Todd Jeffrey (who tames my big haute hair) at Vidal Sassoon while he worked his magic on the boy's curly tendrils. He's really helped Ry accept his natural texture, and me improve my Real Housewives of Miami impressions-"Nobody beats me to the tweet!" 

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